Best Dog Backpacks Reviews

Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack
Your hiking hero
Made for miles
Stylish and safe
OneTigris Dog Pack
cotton canvas
Vintage design for that dog-on-the-range look
Made of high density cotton canvas and strong stitching
Kurgo Dog Backpack for Hiking
Perfect for everyday use or backpacking adventures
Large handle for lifting, reflective trim, & integrated harness
Comfortable & durable

Best dog backpacks

Having a working dog is not an easy task for owners. I should know, I have one. They need constant activities. Otherwise, they go kinda crazy, and dogs can do some serious damage when they are bored. That is why you need to find things to do for your dog if you have a working breed. You need at least 2 hours of activity each day (at least,) and they need some serious energy-eating things to do.

That is why I take my dog on very long walks, and she spends hours in the yard playing with pulling toys or even tires. The last one is her favorite. I have a boxer, which as a breed is genetically designed to be put to work. In Germany, boxers were used by butchers to carry their meat carts. To go from that to sitting on the couch all day is torture, which is why hikes are the best way to kill some energy. For that reason, I bought my dog a dog backpack, and it was one of the best decisions I made as far as she is concerned.

The benefits of using a dog backpack for your pooch

While my dog is a boxer, a dog backpack can be used for various breeds. Most people buy it if they have active dogs, but even people with ‘couch potatoe’ dogs purchase such an item. Of course, I cannot imagine a lazy mastiff with a backpack, but you can try. See what happens. However, there are a lot of benefits to be considered here both for your dog, as well as for you.

  • It can help burn that extra energy – dogs that have a lot of energy will reach a tired state quite difficult. Especially if they live in the house. That is why a dog backpack can help them burn that energy. Fill the backpack with several items and take your dog for a walk. It can be water, and some people even put some weights in it. You will notice how your pet will get tired faster than usual. And do not think you will do yourself a service. Your dog needs to have that energy burned. Otherwise, he or she will go crazy and do stuff that is generally off limits. Like climbing the fence or chewing on your furniture. Trust me. I’ve been there.
  • It keeps obesity at bay – you would think that only humans can get obese, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Unfortunately, dog obesity is more common than you think, especially in breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Instead of putting your dog on a strict diet, just give him the opportunity to burn that fat. A dog backpack will speed up the process if your dog is already obese, and that is without you starving him. (You are not actually starving your dog, but he certainly thinks so.)
  • It is ideal for hikes – if you like to go on hikes like I do, you have no idea how useful a dog backpack is. Dogs do not need much on a hike, but you do, and that means you need to carry all of it. Fortunately, your dog can help you with that. You can put some items in his backpack. Whether it is just water or camping gear, it does not really matter. You get some help carrying your things, and the dog gets some exercise. It is a win-win situation.
  • Dogs love to feel useful – you probably watched a few videos of dogs that are trained and seem happy to listen to every single Well, it appears that dogs are thrilled when they are useful. They feel involved, which is why they perform better when you put them to work. It goes without saying that a dog with a backpack on his bag will look happy. I think you are familiar with that ear-to-ear smile. Just give it a try. That happiness is contagious, and you will have an ear-to-ear smile as well.

What to consider when buying the best dog backpack?

Now that you want to buy a dog backpack, you need to know what to look for before the purchase. I mean, you want a product that will last, and that is comfortable for your dog. The idea is worthless if the product you buy makes your dog’s life harder. Here are a few things to consider in a dog backpack:

  • Design – while this may seem superficial to you, it is, in fact, highly important for your dog. The dog needs to be comfortable wearing the backpack. Otherwise, your pet can get hurt or uncomfortable. Look for models that have padded straps or products that have straps made from soft materials. Either way, the straps do not have to make your dog suffer in any way. Imagine having an uncomfortable backpack on your back, and then put something heavy in it. It would not feel right, would it? Do you think it is any different for your dog?
  • Adjustability – not all dogs are created equal, just as not all backpacks are. You need to look for a product that will fit your dog, no matter what size he or she A perfect fit will make your dog feel comfortable as well. Lucky for you, almost all products come with adjustable straps.
  • Durability – since it is your dog who is wearing the bag, and since dogs are not as careful as humans with their things, you need a durable dog backpack. I remember that when I bought one for my dog, she did not like it very much at first. She was rubbing her back from all the trees she could find. She got used to it eventually, but if I hadn’t bought a high-quality dog backpack, she would have shredded it completely.
  • Leash hook – I do not know about your dog, but mine gets distracted easily. When we go on hikes, she likes to explore on her own. That would not be an issue, but some areas may prove to be a little bit dangerous, which is why I like to put her on a leash at times. If that applies to you as well, you need a dog backpack with a hook for your leash. That way, if the dog pulls, you will not choke him. The choking, together with the weight of the backpack, cannot be comfortable. I think you get the point.
  • Removable pockets – when you go on a hike, you need to take quite a few items with you, so you need some space to put them all. But when you go to the park, you do not need as much. That is why my dog backpack has removable pockets. When I go to the park, I just put the dog baggies and a bottle of water in the bag.

What are the best dog backpacks?

I have only one because that is all I need. I made a good choice when I bought it, and it still is in one piece. However, there are plenty of models online, and there are a lot of manufacturers. I recommend that you read some dog backpack reviews online just to get a clear image of what you are buying. If you are not in the mood for doing that, you could just purchase one of the models presented below. Among them, there is the model I currently own, plus two others that have excellent reviews online.

Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The model from Outward Hound is one of the best I could find online. It is highly popular among buyers, and it can ensure a lot of hands-free fun when you go out with your dog. It has a simple but smart design. It is made of mesh material, which ensures breathability for your dog’s skin. It will keep him cool on hikes, and it will help with the ventilation. It is just as important as it is for you when you wear a backpack.

The product has a sleek design that provides a lot of function. The straps are adjustable for a perfect fit, and the reflective piping boosts your dog’s visibility day or night. The adjustability of the straps also ensures that your dog gets a complete range of motion, and the pack does not get wobbly while on walks or hikes.

As for storage, the Outward Hound Daypak has enough space. You can put your keys, ID card, or other small items. To be honest, I would not recommend this for hiking because it is too small, even if there are 4 expandable pockets. In my opinion, you need something larger if you really want to put your dog to work. Even so, for walks in the park or weights for exercise, this dog backpack is perfect. You can find it in three sizes and two colors.

OneTigris Dog Pack

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The OneTigris model is yet another product that caught my eye. Reading the reviews revealed that it is a high-quality dog backpack that will last for years. It is made of durable cotton canvas, and it has a cute vintage design. Your dog will look amazing with it on his back. Not that it matters so much, but some people care about that kind of stuff.

As I was saying, the OneTigris is made of durable, high-density cotton canvas, the stitches are also almost unbreakable, and some people tried, in fact. It will be years before anything happens to it. It comes with two zippered compartments on each side, but there are also some extra pockets where you can put several small items.

On top of the backpack, you will notice that there is a handle, and at each end, there is a D ring. I do not recommend that you put a leash on those rings if you have a dog who likes to pull hard. The backpack will slide backward, and I do not think you want that. The adjustable straps ensure that the bag will fit medium and large dog breeds. The handle can be used as a hook to hang it in a closet.

Kurgo Dog Backpack for Hiking

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As I said, the product that I own is among the three best dog backpacks I could find, and this is it. I bought the Kurgo dog backpack in 2016, and I can honestly say that today it looks the same. The color has changed a bit from too much washing, but that is nothing. The overall quality is astonishing. I personally cannot believe it lasted that long, especially since my boxer rubbed if off trees when she first wore it.

The Kurgo dog backpack comes with adjustable straps. I can set it up to fit my dog perfectly. The bag does not wobble, and my dogs seem very comfortable with it. The straps are not hurting her. Otherwise, I would have seen chaffing marks on her chest and belly. My boxer weighs 60 pounds, so I bought the model fit for breeds that weight from 30 to 85 pounds, but if your dog weighs more than that, you can buy the 50-110 pounds.

When you receive the Kurgo dog backpack, the pockets are not removable. However, I am pretty good with a sewing machine and modified it, so they come off. When I go on hikes, I simply reattach them. I just wanted to be clear because I said somewhere above that I have a model with removable compartments. Even so, the pockets are quite large, and you can put in a lot of stuff. I am sure that you will love it if you decide to buy it. It is a good investment.

My recommendation

Since I own it, I cannot but recommend the Kurgo Dog Backpack for Hiking. It is an excellent product that will help your dog have a purpose. It has all the right features, it is durable, and it fits almost all breeds. In my opinion, it is one of the best dog backpacks you can buy.


I heard people saying that it is cruel to put a backpack full of stuff on a dog’s back? But do you know what really is tragic? To have a dog with no sense of purpose, or a dog that is overweight. It is just as sad to have a dog that is not useful for his owner. The dog knows that. Dogs are smarter than they are given credit for, and they are the happiest when they feel useful. A dog backpack will help with that, and one of the products above will do just fine. Click here to buy on Amazon

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